3. The average distance from the sun to the planet Mercury is about 58,000,000 km. The diameter of a human hair is about 0.0025 cm.(a) What is the distance from the sun to Mercury written in scientific notation?(b) What is the diameter of a human hair written in scientific notation?(c) In comparing the measurements in Parts (a) and (b), what else must be done before a comparison is made?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Distance of Sun and Mercury = 58,000,000 km.In Scientific notation, it would be: 5.8 × 10⁷ KmDiameter of a human hair = 0.0025 cmIn scientific notation, it would be: 2.5 × 10⁻³ cmBefore Comparison, we need to bring centimeter to Kilometers or vice-versa, so we can easily calculate then, here, we will go from cm to Km.2.5 × 10⁻³ × 10⁻⁵ Km = 2.5 × 10⁻⁸Now, we can compare the values, 5.8 × 10⁷ Km > 2.5 × 10⁻⁸[ reason. - power of smaller number is in negative, it means, it is denominator, which would be very small as compared to other ]Step-by-step explanation: